T is...

A compact size inquisitive designer whom gets their hands dirty and gets on with it!
Acknowledged to be really good with Miro and other forms of documentation / diagraming on the fly.
Fun, with self-proclaimed immaculate humour.
UX research
User testing
UX design
Lo-fi experiments
Hi-fi experiences
Professional experience.
With close to 3 years of UX experience and a life time of curiosity and empathy, I have participated, collaborated, and lead design projects of varying natures, stages, and paces.
Check out my work for case studies that highlight the variety, or you can find me on LinkedIn for more detail on my work experience. While you are there I would love to connect with you!
Find me on LinkedIn
Where I am & Where I want to be.
I see myself as a creative that embraces growth in what I know while actively exploring new things. Currently I am honing in to my skills in UX and UI, and actively engaging and assisting in product level conversations. I seek autonomy, ownership, and challenges to solve wherever I go.
I am looking to continue down the path of a UX designer but as simultaneously keen for exposure to product, as envisioning and discovering are some of the most exciting places to be in (except for maybe frequenting an up-and-coming secret spot, I like to feel like I am secretly ahead of the curve sometimes haha).